The Tree Of Life, Who Turns Bitter Waters, Sweet!



“So Moses cried out in prayer to God. God pointed him to a stick of wood.

Moses threw it into the water and the water turned sweet.”

Exodus 15:25 The Message


Have you been through a season of exhilaration, only to wake up one day to suddenly find the weather changed? The skies were bright and smiling yesterday, only to turn today, a sulky grey with no silver line. Or has this been a season of disappointment, hurt and pain? Or did you hope in something to find joy, only to be totally disillusioned and confused?

Think of the Israelites as they marched jubilantly across the desert sands, after the great deliverance at the Red Sea. In agony of soul and body, they cried out to God. Their groans turned to joyful laughter, as God through the chosen deliverer, Moses, led out with a powerful hand and outstretched arm.

Protecting and guiding them by the pillar of fire by day, and the pillar of cloud by night, the Lord led them gently. Their eyes saw God’s judgments on land and sea. It was a ecstatic throng that danced to Miriam’s song, “Sing ye to the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea.”

It had been three days since, as they travelled through the wilderness of Shur. Thirsty and tired, they at last alighted beside a promising stream. Eagerly they scooped the water and lifted to their lips, a respite from their tired march, quenching their thirst.

Can you see their dismay, when at last tasting of the waters, they could not drink anymore because it was bitter?

“Moses, look!” they complained and murmured, “we are going to die of thirst.”

How could they come to any loss, the children of the Almighty, constantly watched over as by an eagle over her young? (Exodus 19:4)

You see, the Lord never forsakes us even when we don’t understand. His great love had already made a way ready, having gone that way before them, having seen the end from the beginning. (Isaiah 46:10)

“Cast this tree into the waters,” the Lord commanded Moses, showing him that which would turn the bitter waters sweet.

The people were comforted, and even so, was born in them the understanding that there is a refreshing for the children of God, unending and flowing from the grace of God.

How much more will the eternal river of God’s love quench the thirst of every soul. Even so, what joys remain for those who will feed from Christ, the Tree of Life? (Genesis 2:9)

Come today, to Christ, the Living Water, from whom flow every other blessing below. Rest your weary self on His heart of love, and here, find His Presence fill your life with sweetness, taking away the bitterness of your soul. (John 4)

#LivingWater #TreeOfLife #Grace #Peace #Strength

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