Home Remedies For Serious Health Conditions


Life more abundant, joyful and exhilarating is the way God meant it to be, and His good pleasure and loving heart for His children. If today, it feels like an impossibility or distant dream, just call on the Lord, and He will restore and make you whole. The Lord Jesus bore the cost of all our sins, diseases and the scourge of our broken world on the cross – and when you believe in Him, you will be made completely whole.

God’s desire is for you to make right choices and have a healthy lifestyle, and I hope these simple natural remedies will help you.

Always check with your doctor before making any changes to your diet and exercise.

1. Diabetes

When the body fails in its ability to produce sufficient insulin, the condition known as Type 2 diabetes occurs. Insulin is a hormone needed to regulate blood sugar levels.

Replace your regular menu with foods with a low-glycemic index. Check food labels for lowest levels of sugar and fats, because fats eventually get converted into sugar in the body. Sugar-free desserts may not really be what they claim due to the percentage of lipids and cholesterol.

Limit your intake of fruit juices even if they do not contain added sugar, since natural sugars will cause a spike in the blood.

Eat foods lower in sugar like oats, lentils, greens, vegetables, brown rice and sugar-free multigrain bread.

Keep your weight in check and exercise regularly. Try long walks and simpler movements, before progressing to regular exercises.

Always keep sugary drinks and snacks handy, so you are stocked up and safe should your sugar levels dip low.

2. Heart Disease

A clean and healthy diet can not only prevent heart disease, but also reverse some of the problems and symptoms caused.

Eat more foods rich in good fats like salmon, mackerel, olive oil and almonds. They help reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Avoid eating meat with fat. Eat lean meat and quails which have almost no fat. A great way to still enjoy your favourite steaks and lamb is to freeze the meat while still raw, and then slice away the areas of fat before cooking.

Drink cranberry and blueberry juices rich in antioxidants since they prevent accumulation of fat deposits in the arteries.

Make your meal more green with leafy vegetables, spinach, salads with zero-fat dressings.

3. High blood pressure

Eat foods high in fibre, preferably vegetables and whole grain breads. The complex carbohydrates and vitamins keep the blood pressure at a normal level.

Avoid drinking alcohol, try to give up smoking.

Being light-weight helps keep blood pressure normal. It is better to lose weight through a healthy diet than by exercising, since this will actually increase your blood pressure.

Avoid high intake of salt in food. Check with your doctor about trying salt-free substitute in cooking.

4. High Cholesterol

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Keep your body hydrated with at least 10 glasses of fluid every day.

Fresh foods are naturally low in fat. Avoid dishes high in oils, butter, cream and cheese.

Take a cod-liver oil supplement which is good in essential fats. It also helps overall body health, healthy skin and eyesight.

Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like almonds, mackerel and salmon. They are a good way to enjoy a healthy snack, without the risk of heart disease.

High cholesterol levels, diabetes and heart disease are so closely connected and so maintaining a healthy diet can help regulate all three conditions simultaneously.

5. Respiratory Problems

Avoid areas heavy in pollen. If you happen to live there, try using a face mask when outside home.

Do not let dust accumulate at home. Cleaning the entire home everyday (you can divide areas per day), helps keep the air fresh and safe. Make it a learning and family time doing things together, and this will help take away the monotony and tiresomeness of difficult chores. The key is to keep the routine though it does not look like the place needs cleaning and dusting every single week.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C which is a good antioxidant. It boosts the immune system by producing antibodies. Oranges, sweet lime, tomatoes, grapefruit and berries are a great way to keep colds at bay.

A good cup of strong coffee and help stop the outburst of breathing problems.

To help dilate your breathing passage, try a vapour bath. Add a few drops of sodium benzoate to a bowl of steaming water and inhale. This will help you breathe easy and is a good practice if you suffer from asthma or wheezing.

Keep lozenges handy at all times, since prolonged spells of cough can lead to the onset of breathing difficulty.

Oral health is critical to a healthy respiratory system, digestion and almost every other body functions.

Gargling with salt water is magical and works quicker than prescription drugs. Try it every morning and night.

Treat yourself to warm teas and keep hydrated. Take time away from your daily chores if possible and make sure you get a good night’s rest.

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