Feeling And Looking Your Best!


Unending chores, piling tasks and the dizzying pace of the day can leave one feeling tired with not much time to relax and quieten down. Here are some easy and quick ways to pamper yourself and give you the much deserved getaway – a rendezvous with nature’s best. These essential oils are a must to have, and fabulous way to brighten your day!

1. Calendula – Add 5-7 drops of calendula oil to 2 cups of warm steamy water, and use as a facial steamer. It helps unclog pores, clear skin and leave it feeling soft. It can also be used to tone skin. Just steep the leaves in water and cool the extract. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed. The liquid can also be used to rinse hair, as a natural conditioner.

2. Lavender – Add 3-5 drops of lavender oil to a teaspoon of water and use to cleanse skin and relieve from pimples. Do not use on open sore skin. Use a few drops in a warm bath, after a long and tiring day. It will help you relax, leaving you feeling rested and will help you sleep easier.

3. Grapeseed – Use the oil to massage your body and hair, for a natural glow. It’s light texture makes it very easy to use, leaving no grease on the skin.

4. Sesame – It is used as a moisturizer and skin toner, and for massaging. It helps add a healthy glow to the skin. Used in cooking, it has a quaint fragrance but is a source of good fats.

5. Coconut – Massage your scalp once a week with warm coconut oil. Soak for about an hour and then shampoo it out. It conditions hair, adding a healthy shine and bounce. It can also be used to massage skin. It has a cooling effect and healing properties, and is a good source of healthy fats when consumed without heating.

6. Apricot – Massage the oil into your skin gently to keep it moisturised. It also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It can also be used to condition your scalp and hair.

7. Almond – Massage the oil into your scalp once a week, or use as a moisturiser for the body. It adds an instant glow and is gentle even on sensitive skin.

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