Broken & Beautiful, Unseen & Rare


There were excited squeals of laughter around the table that cozy night. Clapping their hands, little Kitty and Luke watched excitedly as Dad and Mom brought them shiny boxes, wrapped with bright and pretty ribbons. Their little eyes sparkled as they opened their gifts, amidst the cheery party. Just turned 5, the twins chirruped as their world unfolded each day, joyful and abundant.

“It’s my new super-car!” Luke was thrilled as in a few minutes off with his new toy he wound in and out of the rooms of their beautiful home.

“Just what I wanted!” Kitty’s voice rose excited, as with chubby hands she held her pink doll, cradling close to her heart. “Watch me comb her hair”, she cried out. Cute little shoes, dresses and ribbons – just what makes magic in a little girl’s world.

“My little princess”, murmured her mother fondly.

The dream, rosy and unfolding as in a fairy tale, never once left her tender heart. The years wound by and the little girl now sat by the porch, overlooking the green meadow. She sighed as the events of the past week unfolded before her.

“You are not good enough.”

“You should try something different.”

“Am sorry, you didn’t make it past the qualifier.”

Sneering voices of envy and sarcasm echoed harshly, too painful for words.

Making matters worse was disappointment from within. Even as days and nights change, joy and affections often do. Finding better pastures, the one she loved now had walked away coldly and indifferently. She turned to go inside her home, hoping no one would see her as she now was.

“What is it my little one?” Mother had not missed the crestfallen face and tears that fell.

She sobbed as the words tumbled incoherently. Her mind went back to when as a little girl, she had clung to the only one who understood all and loved like no other. Comfort and love true – resting her head on her mother’s lap, she softly fell asleep.

How often does a broken dream, promise or hope leave one dizzy and dazed? Have the harsh voices of envy left scars? Have we allowed others to label and make us feel less than?

Today, in the midst of your pain, will you believe the voice of truth and love – the voice of the only One who knows you better than you know yourself and cares for you like no other – the One whose love is immeasurable and indescribable, that He gave His life for you on Calvary, that you may live forever with Him? Jesus Christ, love divine and without end – God of all creation sees you as precious, valuable and beautiful. He is the God of all comfort who will never leave your side. He will comfort you as a mother does her little child.

Have you been denied what was rightfully yours? If people have overlooked and disregarded you – remember that you are precious to Jesus and complete in Him. If they walked away, you do not need them. God would not have allowed it to happen if it was His best and perfect will for your life.

Your self-worth is not determined by who does or doesn’t like you – but by Who you belong to, the God of all the earth who calls you His child. The Bible says that His thoughts toward you are countless, more than the sand by the shore. You are made in His image, and are beautiful and treasured in His eyes. Today, trust in Him and not the voices of untruth.

In the midst of your loss, pain and disappointment, always remember that God knows and is watching. He will restore everything you have lost and give you much more – for His compensation will be far greater than your pain.

When your heart is breaking, when you don’t have the words to say how you feel, and prayer is the faintest groan – remember the Lord Jesus sees, knows and understands all. He cares about everything that concerns you.

In all your troubles and valleys, the Lord Jesus’ presence is with you to save, comfort and restore. In His indescribable love, He carries you tenderly. His hands that were stretched out on the cross for your redemption, are holding yours today. He is close beside you every step of the way.

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