Turning Water Into Wine


When the roses fade and loving voices grow cold – it perhaps is the time for love to grow more beautiful, in the knowing that comes with time, and the transforming that can only come by the Creator who can turn water into wine.

The Lord Jesus’ first recorded miracle at the wedding in Cana, is a picture of what He still does today. Love, joy and peace flow from His heart of love, and will flood your soul, turning disappointment to joy.

May these thoughts inspire you on the journey of life, and God will make more beautiful your story of love.

Make time for each other, just as you did when you were dating. Set aside an evening once a week for a date night. It can be as simple as going to a coffee shop, a ballroom class, a long walk in the countryside, swimming, hiking, or watching a movie together. Make this more fun by planning something really special once a year.

Think of specific ways to please and serve each other – perhaps, cooking his/her favourite meal, helping around the house, taking care of the children so your spouse can get some ‘me’ time, serving breakfast in bed, or planning a surprise getaway.

Take time for yourself, and invest in your joy, health and comfort. Always look your best, and pamper yourself – for a happy you is the best gift you can give your spouse.

Make your home a cozy nest, creating an ambience of warmth and restfulness. Get creative with setting, décor, candles, fragrances, music – often little things can go a long way in creating that delicate and dreamy atmosphere.

Show your spouse your love and honour by respecting and caring for their family. Friendships deepen and grow when tended well and shared. Allow no manipulation, but always believe the best of others and look for ways to show grace.

Affirm your love for each other, and leave no room for a third voice to create a wedge of discontent or lack of trust.

Take time to just talk, and share anything that is on your heart. Be personal and completely involved in their world, dreams, hope, struggles and fears. In this journey of life, lean on each other, hold on in times rosy and in times of trouble. Never let human imperfections blind you to the gold within. Don’t let go because you see something trivial, though irksome and trying.

Let your spouse know that they will always be number one in your life.

Nothing speaks louder than adaptation, choosing to do things the other person’s way, just because you love them. Sometimes, the smallest gestures speak more than the roses, chocolates and gift-wraps. It perhaps is wiser to be happy, that always needing to be right and have one’s way in everything.

Kindness has the sweetest voice, is alluring, and leaves its touch that can never be forgotten.

Be open with each other about your needs and desires. Ask for feedback, and what your spouse would love for you to do, things that make him/her feel loved, needed and desired. Make each other’s desires your utmost priority, and don’t hold back from each other. It is in giving, that you really receive.