Healthy Relationships, God’s Way


“I may never meet anyone else.”

“I don’t quite agree, but I love him.”

“No one has ever made me feel as special.”

“It doesn’t feel right and I know it is not, but it is hard to say no.”

These questions are real and honest. There is within each of us the unchanging desire to love and be loved. God made us for a life of love – with our families, friends and even those we may only know from afar.

In a world filled with choices and confusion, where lines may sometimes seem blurred – where does the tested and true path lie, that leads to our best dreams? Is there a way that leads to only fulfillment and life, with no sorrow in it? Are there wayside signs that may help a traveller on the way? Is there a lamp that may light our paths? Is there someone who is watching over, loving and protecting His own?

I pray these nuggets of truth will bless you, and be a companion to light and guard your way.

  1. Enjoy the present, live life intentionally and to the fullest – instead of waiting for the ‘one’ to bring sunshine.
  2. Stay safe within the perimeters of your God-given circle of faith, trust and love – those with a heart for God, and among friends you know to be true.
  3. Know the kind of person you are looking for, and be around such company – church, those serving the needy and helpless, sharing your business dreams, passion and zest for life.
  4. Be willing to meet someone new, in a setting amongst friends and family.
  5. Share your dreams with family, those who love and care about you most. Be open to their opinions, for they understand you and want just what is best for you. Do not be offended by their criticism, when they see things that love may make you blind to.
  6. Do not be oblivious to red flags, for dating often promises more than marriage. In all likelihood, the imperfections you see will only be accentuated many times over once you are married.
  7. Be kind and forgiving, but firm when it comes to things that matter most – faith, integrity, family, relationships and dreams about your future.
  8. Be careful about manipulation, coercion, and emotional dependency where you are no longer happy, carefree, light-hearted and buoyant. If the relationship does not cause you to be joyful, and walk with a spring in your step, evaluate the friendship for what it really is.
  9. If you have serious reservations, move away. The other person should add to your joy, and be a strength to you – not leave you feeling drained and weighed down.
  10. It is better to be alone, than lonely. While being by yourself may sometimes feel difficult, heartache caused by disillusionment of rose-tinted and dreamy bubbles can leave one feeling more crushed and unhappy.

Be open to the new things God has in store for you. He knows who is best suited for you, in this exciting and adventurous journey of faith. When you look to God for direction, His peace will be your compass and anchor.

God knows the deepest desires and secret petitions of your heart. He has blessings in store and His plans are bigger and greater than you can ever imagine. From the smallest of requests to things great, He hears your every prayer. Trust His heart and dreams for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)