The Greatest Love Of All


The sky was beginning to turn dark, unbelievable at this time of the day. It was only about the third hour since noon. Black and threatening clouds gathered over the horizon. A sinister and cold wind swept across, making the people shudder.

John looked above, his face tear-stained, and in one hand, he held Mary, the mother of Jesus. With no life or strength left in her, she too gazed through swollen eyes, as the Son of God, pure and holy suffered on the cross, the punishment of all mankind. The judgment of God’s righteous laws was poured upon His sinless brow, as He was separated from the Father for a moment in time.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me,” Jesus cried, for in bearing the sins of the world, He took the place of you and me, separated from the love of the Father. Jesus called His Father, God – so that believing in His sacrifice, we may be justified before God and call Him, Father. The fellowship that Man forfeited because of Sin, has now been restored, for in Christ you are completely forgiven, restored, healed, righteous and at peace with God.

The religious leaders mocked Him, the Romans crucified Him and shook their heads in disdain, and the legions of hells rejoiced as though their long sought for victory had been won.

Ignorant and unperceiving man did not know what was happening, nor did the fiends of hell realize that in those very moments, God’s greatest victory and the redemption of man He so loved, was accomplished.

The earth quaked and the rocks were torn in pieces. There were flashes of lightning and thunder that shook groaning creation. Within the temple in Jerusalem, the veil that separated the Most Holy Place was torn in two, from the top to the bottom, as Christ cried, “It is finished.” The veil of Sin that separated fallen man from fellowship with God, has now been torn away. We may now enter the presence of God, covered by the redeeming blood of Heaven’s Lamb. Beholding the stunning, overwhelming and supernatural display of God’s power, the Roman centurion cried out, “Surely, this Man was the Son of God.”

The sinless and precious blood of God’s Son, mingled with rain, ran across Calvary – the blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins. His body was broken that we might be healed. The souls of the saints arose from the earth, and walking through the holy city, proclaimed that the Messiah had conquered and won.

The pure, holy and spotless blood of Christ was shed, a ransom greater than the law might exact for our sins. God so loved the world that He came to take our place and suffer our punishment, so that we may live forever with Him. (John 3:16) The holy requirements of the law have been more than fully met. Christ’s extravagant love has taken back from the enemy, the authority Adam once lost in the Garden of Eden.

Conquering Sin and death, Christ rose triumphant on Easter morning, seizing the keys of hell and the grave. The hordes of hell shuddered, and in utter dismay and terror scurried away as the Saviour of the world rose victorious, to live forever and reign as the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

If you believe in Christ’s name, His sacrifice and resurrection, there is no more condemnation – because on the cross, He paid for every sin you have committed and ever will.

Because you believe, you have passed from darkness to light, and from death to life. You will spend eternity in Heaven with Him.

You are now robed with His righteousness. You are now under an open heaven, where you can walk in every blessing Jesus died for you to receive. You can come boldly to the Father in Christ’s standing, and so hear Him call you His own dear child.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!