It Is The Most Beautiful Time Of The Year!


It is warm and cozy here tonight, and outside the soft snow is falling ever so gently. I can imagine happy and excited little faces across town, unable to hush their excitement, as they wait for Santa to come – perhaps down the chimney, bringing with him the gifts and toys they had written to him and asked for. Peeping through their little coverlets, and trying to look through the window, they giggle and wiggle excitedly. Sparkling eyes and sweet voices in a dreamy world – it truly is the most wonderful and beautiful time of the year!

And who doesn’t love surprises and things pretty, wrapped and shiny – for children of all ages we are, and the touch of love whispers fairer songs than the heart can tell.

Even so, wrapped sweetly and tenderly, came to our world – heaven’s greatest gift – the loveliest and most precious bundle of love and joy who ever was. God so loved the world, and sent to us His only Son, that silent and starry night 2000 years ago – His choicest and most treasured gift, the grandest expression of His great love for us.

The people had long awaited the coming of the King of kings, the Messiah, who would restore to them the glory, joy and peace once forfeited by man in the garden of Eden.

As the world slept that night, little did they know that in their midst was born heaven’s perfect lamb, the Saviour of the world, who would save them from their sins.

God who spoke the worlds into existence, came into this world as a helpless baby. All creation and the works of His hands looked upon the face of their King and Lord, as Mary cradled Him close to her heart. Shepherds and wise men bowed in adoration before Him. Angels flooded the sky as all creation burst forth into rapturous praise for the one who is lovelier than all.

That day changed forever the destiny of man – when God stepped into our world, to become one with us, to suffer, die and rise again – that through His sacrifice, and because of His forgiveness of our sins, we may live and reign forever with Him.

Even so, as we reflect on Heaven’s greatest gift, I pray His love, joy and peace crown your days, and in the sweet sunshine of His smile, dwell and rejoice forever more.

Wish you a wonderful and merry Christmas! God bless you!