Grace, Unending Like A Rushing River


The thundering of the majestic waterfall burst through the air, silencing all other sounds and voices. The solid steamer made it’s way through the massive sprays of water as the people watched in amazement. Towering above, the giant falls fell, making it difficult for the vessel to move forward.

“Mama, look!” cried a little girl as she pointed excitedly to the foot of the fall, where rushing into the deep expanse, the river now flowed, strong and steady. The little paper boat she had thrown into the water, had no sooner drifted away, not to her delight.

“The river is too great, my sweet one,” the mother replied, “so big and powerful it washes everything in it’s way.”

“Would it were a river that could wash away cares too heavy for my soul to bear, and secrets none but God and the angels know”, she thought to herself as she smiled at her daughter whose attention had now turned to a group of children beside.

Such is the cry of every heart that seeks in the wide expanse of creation, for truth, for that which is real, that which can be touched and felt and lived.

Flowing from God’s throne above, is a mighty rushing river, His promise of grace and never ending love. In it’s comforting streams flows the answer to every single one of the soul’s cries. The springs of the earth may cease, changing as lesser promises made and broken. There is however, One above, whose love never changes nor ends. He is the God of all comfort who says, “If any man is thirsty, let him come to me.” (John 6:37)

The search for love, affirmation and acceptance in the wrong places, only leaves one with emptiness and regret. No one but Jesus can fully satisfy, and bring joy and peace to all your relationships. Drinking from this fountain, you will never thirst again. All the empty spaces that nothing on earth can fill, are filled to overflowing only by God who is love.

It doesn’t matter what happened years ago, or just yesterday. He is the God of second chances, and when you come, He will give you a new beginning, a fresh new start.

There is no mountain so big, nor problem so great that God cannot solve. No situation is too far gone for Him to redeem. He came that you may have life more abundantly. (John 10:10).

When you believe and receive Christ’ forgiveness for your sins, you walk under the open heaven of His favour, blessings, peace and joy. You are now a child of God, and an heir to all His promises. Your future shines bright and is filled with hope, because the Lord is with you. (Romans 8:17)

His favour will take you where you never dreamed of going, help you do what you could never on your own, and cause you to become all He has called you to be. His goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life. (Psalm 23)