Welcome! Nice to meet you!

“The whole world is a series of miracles, but we’re so used to them, we call them ordinary things.”

Welcome to my happy space for fresh inspiration and real-life stories on family, home and living! Let us sit down a while, away from the busyness and chores of the day, as we experience the beautiful world we live in, and take joy in God’s gifts both small and great.

Life is a garden filled with love, joys, beauty and trails of blessings yet undiscovered. Would you join with me, as we walk it’s beautiful pathways, as we pray, learn from the Word, and encourage each other?

Grace and faith-filled inspirations appear weekly, and there is always a quiet space here where you may enjoy a calming and refreshing time of music and worship.

Welcome a friend, and let’s share our many blessings with those we love.

I hope you will be encouraged as we share stories from God’s word, leaning on his love, and being wrapped in His amazing grace!

God bless you!

Preeti Prabhakar