Welcome to my happy space for fresh inspiration, stories and videos on faith and family!

Life is a garden, and children the choicest flowers that bloom and flood our world with sweetness and joy. Pretty faces, angel eyes, enchanting smiles and tender hugs – love that makes life most fulfilling. In this fairy land, little hearts will find laughter with the song of birds, joy with the animals that skip, learning as sweet as the flowers that bloom, and fun with their tiny friends! The fun projects, videos and inspiration will captivate the little treasures who fill your heart!

You will love my blog, the ready inn where you may rest by the refreshing spring of God’s love and grace. Grace and faith-filled inspirations appear weekly, and there is always a quiet space here where you may enjoy a calming and refreshing time of music and worship. Let us, then, sit down a while, away from the busyness and chores of the day, as we experience the beautiful world we live in, and take joy in God’s gifts both small and great.

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